About Me

Jason Luntz

Jason Luntz is a social media strategist that utilizes original content, multimedia projects, and social networks to help organizations build an online presence. Jason recently graduated from Full Sail University with a M.A. in New Media Journalism. 
He is currently the social media director for The Tennessee Tribune (www.tntribune.com), a weekly newspaper published in Nashville, TN. Jason is also an adjunct professor in the communication department at Tennessee State University where he teaches Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, and Mass Communication. 
Jason enjoys working with a variety of clients and handling their online and multimedia needs. This is done by creating dynamic websites, social network campaigns, as well as print, audio, and video stories. 

Social Media

An important part of any business’s marketing plan now involves the use of Social Media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are important to not only provide better customer service but to also stay aware of the trends that drive customers to your product or service. Having a better understanding on how to build your social network followers can save a lot of time and heartache. Knowing what to do once you have them is just as important.

Social media consulting includes:

  • Building your social networks
  • Teaching social media terminology
  • Explaining how to use multiple social network sites
  • Creating new content to post on blogs and social media sites
  • Connecting all websites, blogs, and social networks.
  • Utilizing branding to drive a similar message with all websites available
  • and much much more.

To schedule a free consultation you can contact me on Twitter @thejluntzreport or email me.

Public Speaking

I am available for speaking engagements, business panels, and hosting of events. I specialize in speaking about topics that are important to entrepreneurs. My goal is to not only educate business people but to also inspire them. Every month I can be found speaking at the Power2Power luncheon in Clarksville, TN.


Website Design

As important as social networks are nowadays, every business still needs a well designed website. A good website is a storefront that is open 24 hours a day. It is the best place to explain what you do and why you do it. Lets talk about what kind of website I can build for you. My prices are affordable and are designed with the small business in mind. You can see my prices here.